Functions & Powers of KASTELEA

1 To direct and control traffic on public roads and highways in township in the state.
2 To decongest traffic on public roads and highways in township in the state.
3 To impound vehicles that are not properly parked along public roads and highways in the state.
4 To impound and remove vehicles that cause traffic hold up on public roads in the state.
5 To educate and enlighten vehicle users and the general public on the proper ways to use public roads.
6 To enhance and designate bus stops and bus terminals in the state.
7 To identify, develop, promote and maintain new or alternative methods of traffic management and road safety tips.
8 To provide emergency towing services for broken down vehicles that obstruct the flow of traffic.
9 To designate the route to be followed by vehicles generally or vehicles of the class to which the vehicle belongs or
10 The roads which are to be used for traffic by such vehicle.
11 To designate such areas as parking lots.
12 The control of : a- Noise which constitute nuisance. b- Stray and wandering animals. c- Working or driving on prohibited areas. d- Bush burning and indiscriminate felling of trees.
13 To safeguard public highways from encroachment of markets, motor park, street traders, hawkers and beggers.