Traffic Violations and Fines

1 Licence Conditions (General)
2 Driving without a Driver's Licence LGC-01 5000 Impound vehicle
3 Driving of any vehicle by person under 18 LGC-02 5000 Impound vehicle
4 Learner driving without Learner's Permit LGC-03 5000 Dislodge driver
5 Learner Driving on major highway LGC-04 5000 Dislodge driver
6 Learner driving and unaccompanied by a licensed driver LGC-05 10000 Impound vehicle
7 Driving an unlicensed vehicle LGC-06 10000 Impound vehicle
8 Driving with fake number plates LGC-07 20000 Impound vehicle
9 Driving a vehicle with unauthorised or defective reflective number plates LGC-08 20000 Impound vehicle
10 Riding an unlicensed motorcycle / tricycle LGC-09 3000 To impound the motorcycle / tricycle
11 Not painting a commercial vehicle in approved colours LCC-01 5000 Enforce painting
12 Violation of route by commercial vehicles LCC-02 5000
13 Non-display of route and route number on vehicle LCC-03 3000
14 Traffic Signs and Markings
15 Disobeying traffic signs TSM-01 5000
16 Disobeying traffic lights TSM-02 10000 Psychiatric Test
17 Parking on yellow line on any public highway TSM-03 5000
18 Vehicle crossing double yellow line TSM-04 10000
19 Staying within the yellow junction box (off-side rule) TSM-05 5000
20 Failure to yield to right of way of pedestrians at a Zebra Crossing TSM-06 5000
21 Failure to give way to traffic on the left at a round about TSM-07 5000
22 Vehicle Defect
23 Driving motorcycles/3-wheelers with non functional lamps VDF-01 20000 Effect repairs
24 Driving private motor vehicles with non-functional lamps VDF-02 20000 Effect repairs
25 Driving commercial vehicles with non-functional lamps VDF-03 25000 Effect repairs
26 Driving trailers, tankers and tippers with non-functional lamps VDF-04 100,000 Effect repairs
27 Alcohol and Drugs
28 Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs ALD-01 20,000 Impound vehicle
29 Smoking while driving ALD-02 20,000
30 Motorcycle Riders
31 Riding of motorcycle without crash helmet for rider MCL-01 2000 Impound vehicle
32 Riding a motorcycle without a driving permit MCL-02 2000 Impound vehicle
33 Riding a motorcycle against traffic through road median MCL-03 3000 Impound vehicle
34 Installation of musical gadgets on a motorcycle MCL-04 5,000 Impound the set
35 Alteration of manufacturer's specification on motorcycle (e.g. handlebar/seat/horn/leg rest etc) MCL-05 3000
36 Motorcyclist resisting arrest MCL-06 3000
37 Speed Violation
38 Exceeding prescribed speed limit SPV-01 5000
39 Failure of slow moving vehicle to keep to the right lane SPV-02 5000
40 Miscellaneous Traffic Fines
41 Assault on a Traffic Officer MTF-01 50,000 Impound Vehicle & Prosecute in Court
42 Driving in a direction prohibited by the Road Traffic Law MTF-02 25,000 Psychiatric Test & Prosecute in Court
43 Illegal U-turns MTF-03 10,000 Impound Vehicle
44 Wrong overtaking of other vehicles MTF-04 10,000 Impound Vehicle
45 Overloading of a commercial vehicle MTF-05 20,000 Dislodge Excess & Impound Vehicle
46 Parking or stopping to pick passengers by a commercial vehicle other than at designated bus stop MTF-06 20,000 Driver Training & Impound Vehicle
47 Bullion vehicle driving in a direction prohibited by the Road Traffic Law MTF-07 300,000 Impound Vehicle & Prosecute
48 Abandoned vehicle on highway MTF-08 5,000 Impound vehicle
49 Causing Obstruction on Highway MTF-09 5,000 Impound vehicle
50 Commuter hanging on tailboard of moving vehicle MTF-10 5,000 Dislodge
51 Driving vehicles with doors left open MTF-11 5,000 Impound Vehicle
52 Making or receiving phone calls while driving MTF-12 5,000 Prosecute in Court
53 Driving without a Strapped Seat belt for both Driver and front seat Passengers MTF-13 2,000 & 1,000 Strap on Seat Belt
54 Failure to Display Reflective Warning Triangle Sign at point of Breakdown for Trailers & Others MTF-14 5,000 & 2,000 Display Triangle
55 Motorist resisting arrest MTF-15 5,000
56 Storage and Custody Charges
57 Storage charges for Impounded Cars, Jeeps and mini Buses per day 200 & 500
58 Storage charges for impounded motorcycles and 3-wheelers per day 500
59 Storage charges for Trailers and Tankers per day 5,000
60 Towing an impounded Car, Jeep and Mini-Buses 5,000
61 Towing a Trailer or Tanker (empty) 50,000 Or Negotiable
62 Violation
63 Towing a Trailer or Tanker (loaded) 100,000 Or Negotiable
64 Towing Tippers and Lorries 20,000/ 10,000 Or Negotiable
65 Towing High Capacity Buses 50,000 Or Negotiable
66 Hire of Heavy Duty Recovery Equipment At Hire Cost